Smartlink platform for content marketing

Be different by promoting your content, not your paywalls and blockers. Improve sales and engagement metrics with an innovative content marketing platform. Get advanced insights on user behaviors and demographics.


Who is it for


Drive virality, awareness and monetize your creations (films, songs, articles, videos, podcasts, novels, online lessons…)

Publishers & Distributors

Improve paying user conversion, engagement, and lower your costs of acquisition. Download our smartlink SDK and build a referral button in your app in no time.

Agencies & Influencers

Add an innovative solution to your marketing mix that puts content at the heart of your awareness or sales campaign.

Increase content virality in the campaigns you create. Test and learn different calls to action.


and retail

Highlight compelling content to promote your partnership, product or service. Boost customer acquisition and online activation of add-ons or loyalty programs.

Track the performance of each campaign with detailed analytics ranging from user behavior to device and demographics.

Our Key Features

Create URL and QR-code smartlinks in minutes. No coding needed. No roadmap impact as campaigns live outside your product stack, walled data gardens and 3rd party advertising ecosystems.

Branded Landings

Build your branded landing pages with a logo, title, tagline, social media preview and unleash the content you want to promote before the paywall.

Call to Action

Define your call to action and lead destination: signup page, product page, app store or any web or physical location.

Analytics Dashboard

Monitor, analyze, A/B test, compare and re-target your leads with advanced marketing analytics in your dedicated dashboard.


“I’m using ENVOY to share selected mentoring classes that I am launching through social media with a direct call to action and path to my store. It’s a more intuitive way to a acquire new online subscribers as they can really experience what a class is like and are 10x more likely to convert in that moment.”

Kelly Gularte

Master coach and specialist trainer in performance and productivity

Kelly Gularte

“Growth of new paying users while moderating acquisition costs is crucial. With ENVOY we enabled paying users to gift selected SagaSleep stories in our app to their friends, not our entire product. I can recommend ENVOY to any growth manager who wants to unleash the power of sharing paywalled content to the most relevant audience – our friends.”

Liudmila Romanova

Chief Marketing Officer Saga Sleeping Technologies


The smartlink platform for content marketing

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